The manufacturer of Salt Water and Sun-San Sandals offer a guarantee for one year against defective materials and workmanship. This does not extend to problems that arise from normal wear and tear.

We will replace products we determine to be defective with an identical item and size, or a credit (valid for 12 months) in the amount of the purchase price (shown on your receipt) of the product if eligible under our guarantee.

The following items are covered by the Salt Water 12 month guarantee:
  • Straps pulling out from sole where there is not excessive sole wear.
  • Delamination of leather uppers
  • Frayed or loose stitching on leather uppers
The following items are not covered by the Salt Water guarantee:
  • Cuts, scratches, burns, etc.
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Accidental damage
  • Items over 1 year from the date of purchase

For items you believe to be faulty, please return to the place of purchase for review. 

For sandals purchased within the past 12 months from our online store please send images of the issue, an image of the batch number printed on the inside back strap of the sandals, your order number as a receipt and contact details to

Claims for items purchased 12 months or more prior to the claim are considered outside the faulty claims period and will be processed at Salt Water Sandals Australia’s discretion. Proof of purchase must be supplied.

The Salt Water Sandals Guarantee applies to authentic product purchased directly from or from an authorised retailer.

Because we are unable to control the quality of our products sold by unauthorised sellers, this warranty does not apply to products purchased from unauthorised sellers unless otherwise prohibited by law.

Salt Water Sandals does not authorise sales via external marketplaces, including eBay and Facebook, including Facebook pre-owned pages. Sandals purchased via these outlets will not be considered for replacement.

Buckles: these can sometimes be stiff due to the nature of the non-rusting brass used. Loosen by moving back and forth, gently. Do not use excessive force, as they can break.

Please Note: Salt Water Sandals Australia reserves the right to reject returns or exchanges at our own discretion. In the instance where your item is not accepted it will be returned to you. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable, unless the item is faulty. While Salt Water Sandals Australia offers a flexible returns policy, frequent returns are closely monitored. Excessive returns by a single customer will be flagged.

For any questions or concerns please contact us via or +61 2 9939 4937